Cancer Coach Praises Dr Lubecki

Excerpt: Beating Cancer Gently Newsletter, Bill Henderson, Oct 2009

I frequently get asked who I would go to if I had cancer. Today, I want to tell you [ …] about [Dr John Lubecki. He is] light years ahead of 99.99% of the medical professionals I have encountered in my (rather long) lifetime.
We met Dr. John Lubecki for the first time Monday, October 19th, 2009. I first heard him talk of his healing methods at the Doctors’ Symposium at the Cancer Control Society’s Convention in Los Angeles on September 8th. My wife, Terry, was there with me. Dr. Lubecki had brought with him two of the cancer patients he had healed recently. Both of these ladies had written books about their experience. After hearing Delores Geisler and Susan Gorkovsky talk about their experiences with Dr. Lubecki, we immediately bought copies of their books. Their dramatic healing stories were “jaw-dropping.” If you’re interested, the books are “Let’s Put An End To Cancer” by D. J. Geisler and “Conquering Disease” by Susan Gorkovsky. Both are available by calling Dr. Lubecki’s office (see below).
Dr. Lubecki is a 79-year-old chiropractor with an office in Fair Oaks, California (near Sacramento). In his 40+ years practice, he has become an expert on homeopathy and energy medicine as well as his basic chiropractic work. He has written 10 books on natural healing. He now dismisses chiropractic as “temporary and often harmful” except for one important technique I’ll describe below.
I interviewed Delores Geisler and Susan Gorkovsky on my web talk radio show later in September.
Finally, last Monday, October 19th, Terry and I went to visit Dr. Lubecki. We expected to spend a half hour or so talking to him about the “Homeopathic Imprinter” we had bought and some of his experience with cancer patients. We were shocked when he devoted EIGHT HOURS — from noon until 8 PM — to introducing us to his healing methods. This is an exceptional man. Throughout the afternoon, he kept saying “If the world knew what I’m showing you, there would be no more cancer. There is no reason for anyone to be sick.”
What did he show us? Well, it was a complete diagnostic and treatment system. His homeopathic diagnostic methods were able to determine just what our deficiencies were and how much of a particular substance it would take to correct them. He was able to tell if we had inflammation and where it was. He did an x-ray of our neck and upper back which revealed a serious potential problem in my wife’s neck. He taught her several exercise methods to correct it. He measured our arterial blood flow and taught us several ways to improve it. He realigned our heads on our “atlas” vertebrae (the top bone in the spine on which the head rests). This is the only conventional chiropractic method he uses.
He introduced us to the “soft laser.” This remarkable machine can heal almost any infection in a matter of minutes. It is a large (about six feet tall) machine which costs about $25,000 and can only be used in his office. He also showed us how to use the hand-held version of this type of laser at home to treat pain and virtually any other condition. It has already relieved my prostate inflammation and Terry’s pains and digestive problems. He demonstrated the use of the homeopathic imprinter which rids the body of all “pathogens.” He had me do an “ionic foot bath” and then (can you believe?) spent 20 minutes trimming down the fungus on my toenails using a “router” and clippers. “This blocks your energy flow,” he commented.
He taught us the importance of massaging scars (like my wife’s hysterectomy scars) using a Vitamin A and E oil to “unblock the energy flow.” He feels that energy flow is vital for all body functions. Of course, this is perfectly consistent with Traditional Chinese Medicine energy meridians and the concept of “chi.”
During the afternoon, we met a lady from Germany who was there getting her colon cancer healed. She was truly excited about her progress. Susan Gorkovsky (see above) dropped in and we were delighted to meet her and get to discuss her experience with Dr. Lubecki healing her brain cancer. She convinced us that we needed to buy the hand-held laser. We didn’t need much convincing. We bought one.
We all know how careful healers like Dr. Lubecki must be to avoid persecution by our crazy federal and state government agencies which are protecting the Big Pharma and conventional medicine killers. He cannot ever claim publicly that he is healing cancer, for example. But he is. We’ve seen it and talked to the folks he’s healed.
Believe me, folks — if you are looking for a true healer who can help you overcome your cancer (or any other degenerative condition), you need to get acquainted with this wonderful gentleman. Here’s how to contact him:
Dr. John Lubecki, D.C., 7405 Winding Way, Fair Oaks, California 95628.
Office phone: (916) 966-7395.

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